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Currently Accepting New Clients
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Physical Therapy &
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Hi there. I’m Kristen.

Welcome to In Stride
Physical Therapy & 3D Gait Lab
in Minneapolis, Minnesota

In Stride offers tailored care designed exclusively for runners in the Twin Cities Metro and surrounding areas. Whether you’re bouncing back from an injury and need expert physical therapy, looking for guidance on strength training to boost performance and build injury resilience, or interested in 3D gait analysis for injury prevention or performance enhancement, I’ve got you covered.

I’m Kristen Gerlach, PT, PhD. As a passionate Physical Therapist with a PhD in Exercise Science, I bring a unique blend of academic knowledge & hands-on experience to help you achieve your running goals. With a running career that spans 49 marathons, I’ve personally navigated the ups & downs of training. Let’s elevate your running journey together.

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In Stride is proud to be an official partner of Twin Cities in Motion and an 2024 official sponsor of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

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In Stride offers excellence in physical therapy, strength training, gold-standard 3D gait analysis, and performance coaching for runners in the Twin Cities.

Physical therapist in the Twin Cities provides knee treatment for a runner.

Physical Therapy For runners

If you are a runner with an injury, you want to see a provider who “gets” runners. I am familiar with running injuries, will work with you to determine the cause, and will get you back to running and consistent training as fast as possible.

Initial 60 Minute Visit Includes

Kristen Gerlach, a Physical therapist in the Twin Cities, evaluating a 3D Gait analysis for a woman runner.

3d Gait Analysis & Evaluation

If you are injured, but able to run OR you are interested in 3D gait analysis to improve your performance / reduce injury risk, this is the service for you. This visit includes everything from an initial physical therapy session, plus a comprehensive 3D gait analysis and individualized plan.

2 Hour Visit Includes

Performance coaching For runners

If you’re looking to get started in running, train for your first race, boost your race times, or elevate your overall running performance, my coaching services are crafted to meet the unique demands of runners like you. Together we’ll take a personalized approach to build a training plan to unlock your full potential.

Not sure which service is for you?

State of the Art 3D Gait Analysis
in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Schedule an Initial Evaluation and 3D Gait Analysis that includes a comprehensive individualized treatment plan.

3d gait Podcasts

Want more info on the benefits of 3D Gait Analysis?

Here are links to several different podcast episodes featuring Doug Adams, PT, DPT, the developer of the 3D Helix Gait Analysis System (the system used at In Stride). Doug discusses how runners can use the results from 3D analysis to optimize their running form, improve running economy and prevent injury. Click the image to be taken directly to the episode.

Kristen Gerlach Physical Therapist 3D Gait in Twin Cities Minnesota at Chicago Marathon

More about me

Kristen Gerlach, PT, PhD

I have 29 years of experience as a Physical Therapist across a wide variety of settings and 35 years of experience as a runner. I ran my first marathon on my 21st birthday and it was a disaster!

That initial marathon experience inspired me to pursue a degree in physical therapy and later a PhD in Exercise Science where my dissertation research focused on risk factors for injury in female runners. I am an avid believer in lifelong learning and every year I deepen my running knowledge through continuing education courses. I am a RunDNA certified running gait analyst, a Road Runners Club of America level 1 certified coach and a certified STOTT Pilates instructor.

I continue to race distances from the 5K to the marathon. It took me 18 marathons to get my first Boston qualifier and my husband thought I would retire from running afterward! But I’m still at it as a masters runner focused on finishing a marathon in all 50 states. My current tally is at 49 marathons in 33 states. My favorite marathons include the Twin Cities Marathon, Boston Marathon, and Marshall University Marathon in West Virginia.

My husband and I live in Lakeville where I’m a proud mom of 2 sets of twins, 3 dogs, and 3 goats. I understand the challenges of balancing a dynamic life with training.

Let’s connect to elevate your running experience!

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Let’s work together to achieve your goals and keep you running at your best.

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