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A blog for runners highlighting expert physical therapy and exercise science insight, advice and my own personal experiences in 30+ years of running.

Category: Injuries

Tart cherry

Tart Cherry Juice: Cherry Good News on Race Recovery

Vigorous exercise such as running a race can lead to inflammation and muscle damage. This damage causes soreness and temporary loss of force production, which can make running or working out difficult for a few days. Tart cherry juice may speed post-race recovery.

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Woman running in super shoes

Super Shoes Demystified

Super shoes are everywhere! What makes super shoes so special? Are they the right running shoes for you? Will they help you run faster? Do super shoes contribute to injury? Do super shoes change your running gait? Read on to find the answers to all your super shoe questions!

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Kristin Gerlach, a Physical therapist in the Twin Cities, finishing her first marathon in 1991.

My First Marathon was a Complete Disaster!

I wasn’t a cross-country runner in high school and I went out for track my senior year only because my friend wanted someone to join the team with her. I wasn’t very good at anything, so the coaches competed me wherever they were short, even if I hadn’t practiced or trained for that event.

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